27/11/16 – I’m on iTunes!

Hey folks,

About two weeks ago I completed an episode of a podcast with my good friend Daniel Kwan, a fellow PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto. An academic, photographer, teacher, vlogger, blogger, and all-around good guy, Dan produces “The Really F***ing Cool Podcast”, a program dedicated to stuff that’s…well…really f***ing cool. It’s a really laid-back program, and features up-and-coming folks across Toronto, including primatologists, archaeologists, comic book artists, and tech-nuts.

My episode, entitled “Angkor Wat, Hindu Gods, and Homesickness”, premiered today, and talks about my research, the great big Hindu pantheon, my life working at an auction house (which I’ll touch on more in later blog entries), ancient Egyptian brain dissection, angry Chinese tourists at the Forbidden City, how to build a Khmer temple, photogrammetry, and the blunder that was my first time in Cambodia back in 2012.

And, of course, it was such a pleasure to work with him, as it always is, and he’s always looking for future guests. So if you’re a young person with a whole lot of talent, ambition, brains, and aren’t afraid to look like a fool in front of a hot mic, then send him a tweet and you might find yourself on an episode in the not-so-distant future!

Now, because WordPress is being a total wang about upgrading to Premium, I can’t actually upload the file to this blog entry from iTunes, but I CAN give a link to where you can play it:

https://danielhkwan.com/podcast – The episode is RFC#007

You can also find it under “Really F***ing Cool Podcast” on iTunes under Podcasts.


Andrew Harris

Daniel Kwan is a fourth year PhD Candidate who studies the origins of early cooking technology (i.e. ceramics) in China. To find out more about Daniel and his creative projects, academic research, and social media, check out:


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