Andrew Harris: A Short Blurb


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I’m currently a third year PhD Candidate in Anthropology at the University of Toronto. My focus is on the archaeology of the religious transition of the Cambodian Khmer Empire from Hinduism to Theravada Buddhism, and I’ve decided to undertake this project at the capital of Angkor Thom, pursuing it through the study of the remains of 14th century monasteries.

(There is no good way to write that without using a run-on sentence).

I also work in China mapping and 3D imaging channels of ancient Buddhist cave-temples along the Silk Road (if you are reading this PRC, I’ve hopped over the Great Firewall so get off my VPN!), and I’m hoping to expand this list of research locations so I can grab one of those elusive tenure-track professorship jobs someday.

Struck with intense wanderlust at the age of sixteen (yet somehow still stuck living in Toronto), I’ve so far travelled to 27 countries and counting. This extensive (and unbelievably diverse, he said arrogantly) list includes Cambodia, China, India, Ethiopia, Palestine, Malaysia, Morocco, Germany, Bolivia, and several Club Meds in Mexico and the Caribbean. I’ve had a tradition of keeping extensive Photo and Travel diaries along the way, but none of them are particularly G, PG, or even PG-13 rated so this blog is a good exercise in decency.

Of course, I could never have accomplished what I’ve done and traveled where I’ve been so confidently without the support I’ve received from both those back home and everyone I’ve met abroad. To my friends (especially the 267 Earl Street Crew, Anthro Folks, my London friends, and the Northern Wei Trifecta), parents, sisters Allison and Gillian, dogs Charlie (RIP) and Dug, and girlfriend Natasha, I thank you so much, and thank you all for bearing with me as I head off into the world between two to six months a year.

I promise I’ll eventually post more photos of myself, but to be honest I’m so un-photogenic I’ve given up trying (although my Deadpool impression above isn’t bad). In the meantime, take a look at all the great photos I take of OTHER things!