Short Stories/Days in the World

When I was fifteen years old I decided I wanted to become a writer. By the time I was eighteen, I realized I was way better at writing Travel Diaries than fiction. As my old English teacher Ms. Somerville once said: “Some people just have the gift, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be a good storyteller”. So, these are stories, not works of literary art. Some are fictitious Short Stories that I wrote at various points and various locations during my travels, and others are actual Days in the World and events I’ve experienced anywhere and everywhere.

Every month I’ll post something old, once in a while something new, but I promise, none of them are about archaeology! You can read my blog for that!


The Boatman (2014, Fiction): An abused oarsman working the jetties of Varanasi, India takes on his neglectful family, abusive boss, and a boatload of ignorant tourists desperate to capture the sunrise on the Ganges as he prays for a stroke of good luck (no pun intended).


Coming Soon!